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Understanding Your Impact on this World by Jenny Schiltz

Understanding Your Impact on this World
by Jenny Schiltz


The guides have asked that I share this experience as it will help each of us truly understand our impact on our world.

I was feeling the need to take a road trip, I had no destination in mind only that I wanted to get away. Within a few hours my husband calls and says, “Let’s get away this weekend”.  I laughed at the synchronicity of it all. I asked where he wanted to go and he suggested that we explore the Million dollar byway in Colorado ski country before the roads became too hard to transverse without a four-wheel drive.  I was totally game. That evening we were discussing it and he said that he found a place called the Victorian Inn, we called but they were full. I hopped on priceline and much to my surprise there was listed The Victorian Inn. We booked it and planned our journey.

It turned out that the inn we called was in Oray and the one we booked online was in Telluride. It didn’t matter to us, it was all along the byway. However, I came to understand that being there was no accident. As we were exploring this gorgeous little town of Telluride we saw where there is a hiking trail up to a waterfall. I felt this really strong pull and we decided to make the 3 mile round trip hike to the waterfall.

The three miles seemed doable but it was the incline that was getting me. My lower back and neck were really bothering me and I was starting to get nerve pain down my arms. I felt a little defeated. My journey to health has been a long one and it still continues. Just when I was getting ready to turn around so that I didn’t do damage to my body by inflaming the nerves more and ruining the rest of my trip, I saw waking next to me one of my guides, Eagle Eye. He is the one I merge with to extract things that don’t belong on people such as negative thought forms.  He told me that it was important that I make it to the waterfall, that it was no coincidence that I was at that place, at that time.

I then found myself surrounded by 15 or so Native Americans, they seemed to be in celebration as they walked near me. There were children and dogs running about and it really lifted my spirits. One young brave around 13 started talking to me and told me that he was learning to be a warrior. I asked if his tribe fought much and he said “No, but we fight elk” with his eyes twinkling full of joy and adventure.

In no time we rounded the last bend that led to the waterfall. It was stunning and took my breath away. It took my breath away. Right on time, my husband says to my little one “Let’s leave mom to rest and go do some exploring”. My husband proves to me time and time again that you do not have to spiritual or really understand esoteric things to be of service. You only need to be in tune with yourself to get messages from spirit and allow it to guide you. That for some mountain biking is as soul healing as mediation.

I settled on a rock overlooking the falls and allowed the stress in my muscles from the hike up leave me. Just then Eagle eye was beside me and he asked if I was ready. I then followed him through an opening deep into the earth. It was there that I saw black goo, thick as tar that needed to be removed. I understood now why I was here, to help Gaia heal. I merged with Eagle Eye and we began removing the goo and sending it to the light above for transmutation. We had removed most of it, but there was this one section that just wouldn’t budge. Eagle Eye then says “You are forgiven for all that you have been blamed for.” Just then this last area came off, turned into bats and began to head to the light of day where they transformed into a whole flock of starlings.

I unmerged from my guide and said to him “What does she need to be forgiven for? It is us that dig into her, take her fluids, and poison her.” He said to me that she has been blamed and cursed for so many things. People blame her when it is too hot, too cold, too much rain, or not enough rain. She is cursed for the storms, the floods, the volcanoes even though much of what happens is her healing, her releasing. He told me that she is no different than us. If someone yells at us, calls us names, or does not see our value, we too take it in and it becomes something that needs to be removed.

The experience for me was heart breaking and eye opening. I too have complained and cursed the earth, not feeling gratitude and benefit for what I am experiencing in this moment. I too have taken earth for granted.  Since that experience, I have been more aware of my thoughts, not only directed at the earth but the ones at myself and others. My guides have been constantly reminding me “Your thoughts are things… what are you creating? What are you sending to other people?”

I have come to realize just how unconscious I can be with my words. For example:  I was already tired and frustrated and was struggling to open a package when I yelled “ARRR I hate life!” Just then I felt the familiar reminder and said “Cancel! Clear!” and then asked myself what I really needed at that moment to bring me back into balance. I needed rest, I had pushed myself too far that day.   I am now consciously watching my thoughts and words, becoming aware of what I am creating in each moment. I am also able to see how my negative thoughts can snowball and really affect all things around me.  That it is up to me to shift my thoughts, word and focus.  To become fully aware of our thoughts and words and their ramifications is a very important part of the process of being a master on earth.

In conversation with my highest aspect last night she said that I needed to share this information in a blog, not just on my facebook page. She explained that the time is now for people to become fully aware of what they are creating with their thoughts and words.  She explained that the last channeling with Lady Nada was not having the impact needed. For some the thought that we can create our own reality, our own personal hologram is too abstract. Many still do not understand that our reality is the living, breathing manifestation of our thoughts. Everything is created by our thoughts because while we may not be able to see them, thoughts are things with form, vibration and substance.

Think on a time when you were witness to a verbal argument, the glaring eyes, and the aggressive or hurt stance of the participants. How did you feel? Did you find a part of your body aching? Maybe your shoulders got tight or your heart started palpitating and you felt under attack even though you were not involved? That is because you were under attack. The energy of their words was flying around and it may have found a home attached to you.

Have you ever been in a bad mood and walked into a grocery store and you can’t find what you need, the people are pissy and you wound up forgetting the one thing you went there for in the first place? Understanding energy and manifestation is understanding that if you had gone into the same exact store at the same exact time but with a better frame of mind, things would have gone smoothly and most the people you encountered would be neutral or pleasant.

I can’t stress enough that it is time to walk in our power and that means being responsible for our creations. I am not saying that we cannot have bad mood or experience negative emotions, it is about owning them and being responsible. That when we react in anger or have negative thoughts that we then ask that all negativity released is then transmuted into healing energy and sent to people and places that need it most.  It’s picking up your trash after a picnic and not leaving it for others to clean up.  It’s about understanding your impact on all around you. It’s about being fully responsible for your creations.

We are in a very important time and we have the ability to shift all around us. We have the ability to create though our thoughts, words and actions. Our job is to make sure that these are in alignment with what we want to create instead of what we don’t want.

I hope that all of you are doing will through this massive shift in consciousness. Be gentle with yourselves for this time is testing us in all ways. Thank you to all who share this work. It means the world.


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Alabaster columns of Light support the New Inner Gaia.

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I used to post Hilarion messages weekly, but for  long time have forgotten to pursue that. thanks to Higher Density Blog
and Golden Age of Gaia for reminding me.



HILARION October 23-30, 2016
Beloved Ones,
The changes to the systems that have been operating upon this planet are taking place. There is no choice for those who have created them but to make changes that will reflect the highest good of all. The energies that are now permeating the planet will not allow for anything else than that. Be at peace – hold your equilibrium and balance – hold your Light as these changes take place. It is a most exciting ride as the ascension of the Earth, your planet, continues on its inevitable journey. You it is whom we the ascended master realms and the angelic realms rely upon. You are the Lights, the beacons, the points of reference upon your planet that we connect to in order to bring through guidance, healing, enlightenment, activations and attunements.
We, who are known as the ascended masters from the higher realms are those who have walked in the footsteps that you are now walking. Of course, we did this all before the advent of the internet. Now, this amazing universal web of information makes that which comes through from us more easily accessible. This is a most wondrous tool! Many of you as you watch the programs on your news media see through the illusions that are being created. There are many who instantly see through these illusions and detach from them and this is a very positive development through the world-wide web.
The information through the internet flows in both that which is true and that which is deceptive. It remains for you, the Lightworkers, to tune inwards into the core of your being where you can check to make sure that which you read or listen to is of the highest vibration and truth. There is much deception that floats through this avenue. We ask you to be aware and to check inwardly to ensure that you do not fall for any deceptions that are rampant upon this world-wide web. Work together in unison when the opportunities arise. Work in groups small and large to bring forth personal healings, to bring forth clearings that require assistance so that they are loosened from the auric field of those who require this activity to take place.
There are varied internal programs that have been running within many individuals which have stubbornly embedded into the DNA. These need help, group help and group focus in order that these individuals be freed from these old energies. Know that even the energies that are imbuing the atmosphere around the Earth at this time are serving that function. If one is able to go within the stillness of their true being, their inner core, one can attune to these cosmic energies to bring balance, to bring healing where it is required.
I, Hilarion, pledge that I will honor all requests for healing and clearing from those who call upon me for this service. It is imperative that our Lightbearers be freed from the old matrix. It is imperative that we are attuned to each other in the days ahead. You from the physical planes of life and we from the higher realms know that we work together. Make this a conscious intention throughout your daily lives that we stay connected as one so that we are all on the same track. Know that you are all being informed internally and beyond your sleep of that which you need to know during these times. This is where true information, the truth, the Divine truth is given to you.
There are many things that cannot be circulated throughout your world-wide web at these times so it is important that you set the intention that you are kept abreast of all the inner plane workings, plans and instructions that are given. Many there are who are on the brink of awakenment. This is a very positive potential that is occurring at this time and we ask you to continue in your task. You know how to do it; you are experts and masters of this. Many of you feel tired and rather put upon with our continual request to hold the Light. You feel you wish to move beyond that point into ascension but we say to you, Dear Ones, that the task that you have chosen is to continue to hold the Light so that there is more stability upon the planet during these very times!
As you know yourselves, there is much that seems chaotic, much that is puzzling, much that is incredible, much that is revelatory in its import and so it is important for you to keep on keeping on. We are relying upon you, the Earth team members. We will do our very best to support you during these times. We will always answer your calls for assistance or clarification. It is important for us to tell you that it is through the planetary Family of Light, the ascended master realms, that any implementations and changes take place. The Star Nation brothers and sisters are aware of this, that they must check with the planetary Family of Light before any action or assistance take place.
There are no otherworldly, offplanet beings who can do anything without first checking with us. It is the ascended master realms who are in charge of the comings and goings that take place upon your planet. There are no extraterrestrial beings who are in charge. They work with us and through us. This is why it is important for each of you to align to the ascended master realms, to the ascended master consciousness. This is very, very important.
Know that you are very much loved, supported and given all that you need in order to continue to maintain and sustain the stability of the Earth.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  
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HILARION October 16-22, 2016
Beloved Ones,
Many of you are feeling the effects of a shift. You know within yourselves that you have been transformed. You know within yourselves that something momentous has occurred and this is a wonderful occasion to celebrate! As you integrate this shift you will experience moments of great sleepiness and we ask you to follow the dictates of your body and rest, for that is important so that you can assimilate and integrate the energy infusions that have taken place within you. If you awaken and find that your spine is tender, it means that you have received a great download of energies that are activating strands of your DNA and when this occurs, it is also another sign that it is time for you to be good to yourself, to allow rest and recuperation and assimilation.
Go within and seek stillness, for this is very helpful. When this occurs, it is a very good idea to drink more water. Honor yourselves, always treat yourselves the way that you would expect the best friend of your life to treat you. You are very worth this effort and this respect. Many of you are finding the energy and the focus to complete projects that have been on hold and taking a long time to complete. You are finding that this is now taking place in record speed. When this happens you know, Dear Ones, that the timing is right for what you are doing to come forth into the world. Be at peace with all that is occurring around you. Know that no matter what happens in the world around you, you are always loved, supported and protected. You are always surrounded by angels of protection.
There is much turbulent energy that is moving across the face of this planet. These energies are of the collective consciousness, energies of chaos, fear, strife, worry – energies of those who have lost, those who have experienced sudden weather changes that have taken from them all that they have held dear. There are many people in war torn countries who pray constantly for peace to come to their lives and their country. There is an influx of cosmic energy that is stirred into this mix and so, the Lightworkers of the world are asked, as usual, to hold their Light, maintain your calm in the storm. Know that your position upon the planet is preordained so that you are in the area you need to be with your Light in order to bring stability to that area.
Each one of you is like a key – a point that we can look at and activate and connect together in order to create stability upon and within the planet. So you see, Dear Ones, you serve a greater purpose than you ever imagined. You are our goal posts – you are our beacons in the darkness that is making its way into the atmosphere. Know that it is being released, centuries upon centuries of dark and fearful energies are being cleansed at an astounding and accelerated rate and this is good for everyone, ultimately. So know that this is a temporary situation, that it is necessary in order that these energies come up to the surface so that they can be transmuted and transformed into great Light to be used for the highest good of all.
We are so grateful that this is occurring and it is because of you, Dear Ones. As we view your auric fields from the higher perspective, we see that your Lights have become crystalline, that the colors that surround you are clear and pure and bright. Shining radiantly, many of you have taken on many colors, rainbow colors and this really helps in the overall picture for the Earth for then we from the higher realms can come in and direct the Light and the color of the ray that is necessary to bring about accelerated and more peaceful change in certain areas of the world. We are so grateful for your presences upon the planet.
There is much healing taking place within each individual. Many things are coming together, many aspects of your being are now being unified and this is creating greater peace within you. When there is peace within you, healing can take place on all levels of your being. This is what is now occurring for each of you. Asking for our assistance with this helps to bring it into focus. There are many angels and healing teams that are surrounding each of you and helping you in all facets of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes, financially. Things are looking up – know this and never lose hope.
We ask you, the Lightworkers, to send the rose pink ray of Divine love into the Earth’s grids, into the central core of the Earth so that the energy of Divine love permeates the surface of the planet, so that it permeates the crystalline diamond core within the Earth and this will allow the torus that surrounds the Earth to distribute this Divine pink ray of love. All is well, love abounds. If that which comes from the Earth through your efforts joins with the cosmic love rays there will be a greater ease for those who are just awakening, there will be more peace within and without. Peace will reside in many pockets of the world and these will grow and expand until there is peace upon this planet! It is occurring, hold this vision!
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  
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HILARION October 9-16, 2016
Beloved Ones,
As the storms move through a certain portion of the planet, wreaking havoc and destruction in their wake, the people are asked to go within to discover what, within themselves attracts this activity. Everything in life upon the planet is a reflection of its inhabitants, of that which is held in the mass consciousness, the collective consciousness. This is what creates the reality for each person and right now, what is playing out is the manifestation in actuality of that which has been held within a great amount of humanity. This is seen within every political system, this is seen within the people who are testing the waters, testing the illusions that were created, that anyone through hard work can aspire to become a leader of their country.
This concept is now being tested and what is seen is, that, yes, it is possible, but the person who runs to be a leader in their country based on those premises meets with the greatest of resistance and this is what we from the higher realms, see. And it must play out, for it is the citizens of those countries who ultimately make that choice that requires their active participation. In the process flawed though it is, throughout the planet all of the old paradigm system that is now crumbling is being tested by those individuals who have been a part of it and want to make changes. There is resistance from those who were in control, those who desire to control and manipulate the populations in their countries to their own ends. As they try to do this, they are finding that what worked before quite easily is now questioned and worked around by people of their country. What they are trying to accomplish does not come as expected and there is a backlash that they must deal with.
It is a time of great discernment for the people of the world, they must be discerning and go within their heart to receive counsel from the higher aspects of their being - that which never fails to inform and guide each one upon their spiritual journey that was chosen before they incarnated. So we say, be observant, be discerning and do not become embroiled in the dramas that are being played out upon the world scene. It is all a process of change and sometimes those changes that are being created must come through friction. Stand fast - believe in yourselves and what you stand for. Everything must be played out as it is at this moment, these moments of transition from one dimension to another. This transition is in its completion stages.
And so you as one individual will look upon what is occurring and think that the world is going mad. We ask you to please look for all the good that is occurring which your news media do not touch upon. Search the internet and you will see that the goodness that is within humanity is coming forth in ways that are uplifting and inspiring for all who become so aware. The inherent goodness within each individual is being tapped. Because of the world events, the individual goodness within each individual is being tapped into and is being employed and utilized in positive and loving ways. One does not have to have a global reach in the outward world in order for this to occur. This can happen by one individual sincerely working upon themselves to clear all dysfunctional and disharmonious energies - all that needs clearing from their being. This requires courage and awareness and this is something you the Lightworkers do not lack, this is something you always have been working upon.
Know that you are coming to the end of this cycle and it is a cause for celebration for so many of you. Be there for the people who are experiencing chaos and destruction. Send them healing energies. Send the blue Light wherever it is needed, wherever there is uprooting of old forms. Send your Light wherever there is war and destruction to cool and calm those areas and reclaim them for the Light of God that never ever fails. This is important. This is part of the task that you have taken on before incarnating here on the planet.
Walk with care and caution. As you go about your daily activities during these very turbulent times, know that this is something that occurs, that it is a natural part of the ending of one great cycle and the beginning of another. You are in the dawn of a new age; keep that ever most within your consciousness. All that held humanity and soul evolution back upon this planet is now being dissolved, is fading away into the dawn of a new Light and a new age.
Hold that vision, believe in yourselves. Believe in your goodness and the goodness of those around you. Be what you desire to see in the world, be always in your highest integrity, in your highest truth. Let the love from your heart radiate to those around you. Walk in the Light ever and always and know that we are by your side. We magnify the energies of the assistance that you send out to those areas of the world that are in need of it. And we ask that you also send the Light of love through your heart to the hearts that are experiencing directly the effects of these energies as they are playing out in these ending times of this cycle. We are as One as we work together.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  
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HILARION October 2-9, 2016

Beloved Ones,
As you continue on your spiritual journey through the life that your soul has chosen, know that many changes have been taking place within you. Every effort that you have made to cleanse and clear all the vestiges of negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, mental patterns, and patterns from your ancestral DNA, every effort that you have made to be your Light and let it shine brilliantly has not been in vain. You are Light; you have always been Light and always will be Light. You are one who has never forgotten the Light that you are. There are many people in the world who have forgotten and need to be reminded and this is why you and others like you are here at this time.
You are here to shine your Light! Merely by your presence, this helps tremendously in igniting the Light in others. Those that are affected by your presence may not always understand what is occurring. There are many people who do not immediately appreciate being activated because it means that they have to become responsible and conscious of their every word, thought and action and this is something that is not pleasant in its beginnings. Throughout your lifetime you have endeavoured to become as clear and brilliant as possible, developing your Lightbody and this you have done victoriously. Now it remains that your presence here on Earth has its effect by every move that you make, every step that you take leaves an imprint of Light, a footprint of Light, if you will, upon the Earth.
This Light, if accepted by those around you, creates that catalyst to ignite that Divine spark within each soul that is in its circumference, in its radius. This is turn assists those souls to awaken to the greater knowledge of who and what they really are. Those of you who maintain Divine order and balance within, serve a great purpose during these turbulent times when there is so much of the duality paradigm that is struggling mightily to hold on to its power. Inherently, those who seek to continue in the old paradigm know that their time is limited and so there will be increased and frequent efforts to create fear amongst the worlds people. However, the worlds people for the most part, are wise to the ways of these ones and do not allow these ones to divert them from the path that they have chosen, which is to create a world that is filled with peace, harmony, love and joy.
It is time for humanity to experience joy, peace, harmony, and happiness. It is time to enjoy laughter; it is time to seek the higher ground, the higher road for all upon this planet. Those Lightworkers who have given their Light, who have maintained their own Light are now in a space where they can enjoy the fruits of their labour. It is allowed for them to enjoy this experience of being in a human body, a physical body - to smell, to taste, to hear, to use all human senses and become acutely aware of each of them. In this way, it will open up the higher senses which have lain dormant for untold ages. It requires that each person experience all facets of life, it requires that each person take part and become active in each moment of their existence upon this world and in their human body.
It is all that you have experienced that is most valuable that your soul takes with you when you depart from this world. It is the experience that becomes your souls talents, skills and qualities. Everything is valuable, every part of it is valuable, and we say to you that your soul and your soul group, your Divine Monad, your Divine essence is very pleased and proud of you, that you have maintained, sustained and expanded your Light, your wisdom and understanding through the most trying of circumstances and that you continue to do so.
This is a time for you to understand the great import that being in a human body during these changing times it really is and what it has given you as soul. You are all very much admired by many beings who would not or could not, do what you are doing. You are very much admired, very much supported and very much assisted and encouraged every day that you stay here on the planet. For that was the whole purpose of your being here, to add your Light and to be a conduit for the higher energies as they are coming in to the Earth during these times and you are all serving admirably.
Be at peace, let all that is unfolding upon the world stage continue on its course knowing that all is well, that all is as it should be and that you are serving the reason and purpose for which you came. You are loved, you are supported, we are always with you and we never leave your side.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tama
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  
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HILARION September 25-October 2, 2016
Beloved Ones,
The winds of change are upon the inhabitants of the Earth. The sweeping reforms to the existing structures of the old paradigm, begins in earnest. The crumbling and decay are evidenced everywhere and people are feeling the effects of the failure of the old paradigm systems that were in place. It is a time of intense self examination within each human heart. People are asking the important questions as they go within. They want to know what the purpose of their life is all about, why they are here on Earth and what do they need to know in order to find a secure foundation and foothold. It is a difficult time for these awakening ones and extreme kindness and patience is needed by those who are awake and aware.
We have said many times before, as more increased levels of Light from the cosmos filters into the atmosphere of Earth, the old ways of doing things that were not of the highest integrity will no longer be supported. It is happening now and you need to be aware of this if you are not already, so that you can maintain balance and peace within. It will take determined concentration and effort to resist the pull of the old energies that are prevalent everywhere during these times. As you make the effort when this happens, it helps to dissipate the effects on the collective consciousness of humanity. Allow yourself the nurturing that your four body system (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) requires when this becomes evident to you.
Your soul chose this end cycle so that it could experience all the myriad sights, sounds, tastes, feelings and sensations of this momentous coming of age of the Earth and her inhabitants. The old and the new still intermingle but that is swiftly changing as the old fades away into the dusty realms of myth and the new paradigm takes firmer hold by this work that you do each day. As you re-create the world by steadfastly holding to the higher vision of what that might entail, it begins to actualize and take root. Feel the anticipation and excitement of these times, there is movement finally happening! Your world becomes that better place that you have always envisioned and you will see this taking place more and more often.
The hidden kingdoms are making their increased presence known and this is being recorded by many people from all walks of life and environments. This is the truth - this is the new and enlightened reality that had been hidden in plain sight that only those with eyes to see and ears to hear were privy to. These ones are now empowered to share their presence with humanity and their increased presence brings the elements of joy, wonder and magic to the new reality. The Earth in her full glory is being restored to her original magnificence and you, Dear Ones, are playing a part in this! Relish this renewed contact with these delightful beings and try to listen and communicate with them.
All that you have dreamed of as you made the extreme effort to come to this planet during these times and all the efforts expended to maintain your Light, higher vision and integrity is waiting to grace you with its full and wondrous manifestation in this reality. Peace will come at last, believe this with all your heart and allow it to unfold in divine timing. You are dearly loved and deeply honoured for the role you are playing.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  
Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her and the same applies to the publishing of her articles in a magazine. Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages.
HILARION September 18-25, 2016
Beloved Ones,
This is a time to finish and complete projects and look towards new horizons. Always life moves forward creating that which is new and this is helpful for those who have been feeling stuck. Sometimes this feeling happens because one is not meant to be moving forward in order to allow certain unfolding and realizations from within to occur. This is as it should be on the journey called life and the evolution of the spirit. As you focus on your own growth towards your higher potential you must reconnect with the commitment you made to move in new directions and be all that you can be. When one is in the process of transformation, one may be called on to work on areas of self that need further expression and development.
This activity brings about a renewal of the spirit within as the pieces of the puzzle of life come together towards a new beginning which creates a new and vital reconnection with that which is important to you. Added guidance can come from the divine self if one allows oneself the time for periods of quietness, stillness and going within. This practice always brings a sense of the restoration of strength, and direction will be given and seen with clarity. Your body, mind and spirit will come into alignment and this brings about regeneration and the greater manifestation of the new directions that one should go. This in turn leads to the movement forward with a renewed sense of commitment and purpose.
With this new level of truth you have gained, you can allow it to permeate into all aspects of your life. A greater awareness within and the new sense of direction will inspire you to further expand and reach beyond former limitations into the light of limitless possibilities. This is the ongoing process of growth as you leap over the hurdles once perceived as immovable and move into new areas of expansion and expression! Your inner trust becomes greater as you rely once again on your innate intuitive capabilities and this renewed sense of self will help to give you insight and awareness of the people and situations around you in your daily life.
As you moved through this initiation, the light within you brightened. Your conscious choice and recommitment to self was made and the testing period ended. Your soul rejoices and this joy permeates in all aspects of your reality and releases healing within. It is time to enjoy life and laugh often! You have crossed an important threshold and endless opportunities are before you. Explore and expand your options and live life to the fullest. Remember that you control the situations that you encounter by what you choose to empower and embrace.
Know that what you need is always drawn to you and what is drawn to you is that which you need for further growth and learning so that you might share with others and thereby expand your self. These new aspects within that are being expressed bring a new level of frequency with which to work. It is up to you to be responsible for the actions and directions you choose to take, for life will return to you what you put into it. Each moment of your life is a lesson to be discerned and learned on some level. Your life is a constant cycle with highs and lows, for these are needed to come into greater awareness and evolution of your soul growth. 
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  
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Shaken AND Stirred: Whaaat??!! You again? ~ Julie Dittmar

Shaken AND Stirred: Whaaat??!!
You again? ~ Julie Dittmar

Hello Beautiful!

Om shanti, Om shanti, Om shanti, Om. Peace, peace, peace to all.

We are hearing from so many beautiful, sensitive, empathic souls who are feeling everything within and throughout — so very deeply right now. The time leading up to the recent full moon was particularly stirring, and now also in this time of the the waning moon things appear to be both a mixture of shaken and stirred. So many arising emotions, uncomfortable or extra powerful
physical sensations, and squirrelly-wild, chaotic, surprising
and unexpected experiences are rising to the top of the bubbling pot on the stove.

The theme of this can be encapsulated in the exclamation of “What????!!!!!” What did you just hear, see, feel, experience? Or “You again?” where you get to see how the new, more aware version of yourself reacts to the replay or resurfacing of something that used to trigger you or feel like a big challenge, but this time you notice how you approach it in a whole new way, without the stress, sting, or feeling like you’re being sucked down a drain.

Or maybe you DO get sucked into the emotional ditches again, but this time the time spent there is a quick trip. Maybe instead of a one-way ticket, this time it’s a roundtrip ticket! Yahoo, let us celebrate how well we fell for it again (“Look how awesomely I nailed it! See how talented am I?!”). And let us applaud how quickly we circled back out up into the sunshine.

Without your long-held ideas, can we just be with what’s being felt here right now and face it without turning away from it?

Can we just sit and feel what’s in our experience? Sit and breathe. Sit and chant. Sit with the stirrings. If stories or fears arise — can we love the one who watches, worries, and fears? And return to sit, feel, breathe, and chant. Let there be space from the doing, from the watching, from the wondering, from the “worst case scenario” generating, from opinions, from speculation and projections of a future that isn’t here right now in this moment.

No person, no storyline, no drama, no circumstance can steal away your smile, your happiness, your hope, your faith, your prayers, or the wisdom of your sweet, innocent, and infinitely powerful and wise heart. Can we breathe and remember who we really are — at our most strong, unshakable core?

Let life swirl. If you find you get caught up in a world of appearances, a world of like or dislike, a world of fear, debate, or finger-pointing, please be most gentle with yourself. That is when you, and everyone else deserves “more love, not less.” You have not failed. It doesn’t mean you are “less spiritual.” It doesn’t mean you’re going backwards or are not evolving. It just means you are having a moment where more love can be offered to your heart, and if you are in a place to give it — also sending some love and blessings to humanity and the planet.

Is this how an awakening world is “supposed to look?” Apparently so, because it does. Is this how “I should be feeling or reacting? I don’t like this.” Apparently so, because you are. Everything is lining up and conspiring perfectly for each of us to wake up out of habitual thought patterns, old or unhelpful beliefs we have outgrown, and actions that somehow no longer feel fun, nourishing, mindful, or congruent with how we truly desire to live in the world.

Bravo, Life. As always, hats off to you. You are too clever for words. Let me just silently smile, applaud, and celebrate your sometimes subtle, and other times hurricane forces that blow in the winds of change. Whether we willingly offer up what we are holding in our hands, of Life rips it from our hands in one glancing blow, our hands are then open and free to receive more of Life’s love, grace, and healing wisdom.

We love you!

Just a reminder that the Global Oneness Day is coming up tomorrow. Please join by listening to Matt on their spirituality panel. The details are listed below.

Peace, love, and blessings to all,

Julie & Matt
Source: Whaaat??!! You again?


THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, October 24, 2016


THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, October 24, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase:
revise; realign

Moon in Leo

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings; Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West, God of Alchemy

Skill:  look beyond appearances or outbursts to see a deeper cause or value

True Alignments:  balance, skillfully navigating the emotional field, creativity, inner changes bringing outer results, the essence of things, appreciation, reallocating, interpretation and innovation, achievement, ability to shift and adjust, influential, re-framing a situation or changing perspective, seeing through

Catalysts for Change:  imbalance, overload, disappointment, impatient and trying to move things forward while they are still in process, over-disclosing or disclosing in an unsafe environment, looks good on the outside, but..., outbursts, tension, nervousness and anxiety, insomnia, thinking one knows it all, uncontained, unleashing, lashing out

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery" (light reflected on life; expansion of perceptions; linking mind, body, and spirit; vision and visionary)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending difficulties; transcending the unraveling control paradigm; fantastical experiences)

When Elsie Wheeler channeled each of the Sabian symbols to astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in Balboa Park in San Diego in 1925, she did not know which degree of the zodiac she was channeling.  Jones recorded the images as she saw them, shuffling and reshuffling index cards with a pre-written degree of the zodiac on each as they went along.

She did not know that the symbols for 2 Scorpio and 2 Taurus, the degrees of the Sun and Earth today, respectively, were the same energetic, relatively.  Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs, with 2 Scorpio being opposite 2 Taurus in the zodiac.  But the themes for both of these degrees are very much the same.  This happens with several of the symbols, with their opposite degree being a similar energetic.

(It also happens with consecutive symbols, as we saw last week when Mercury discharged 18 Libra, "two men placed under arrest," and then 19 Libra, "a gang of robbers in hiding."  These are variations on a theme.)

The energetic that the Sun and the Earth are releasing through 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT is the energetic of things reaching their breaking point.  Things that have built up or concentrated suddenly rise up or burst out.  The Sun is discharging the degree of "a broken bottle and spilled perfume," and the Earth is discharging the degree of "an electrical storm."  Both symbols relate to things snapping, lighting off, breaking loose, breaking apart, splitting up, spilling out, and spilling over...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

NorthPoint Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies For October 24 to 30, 2016 by Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week
MON: Mercury enters Scorpio
TUE: Venus square Neptune
WED: Venus sextile Jupiter
THU: Sun conjunct Mercury, Mars sextile Chiron
FRI: Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mars square Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Chiron
SAT: Venus conjunct Saturn
SUN: Mars square Eris, Mercury trine Neptune, New Moon 10:38am PDT (5:38pm GMT)

WITH THE SUN now in determined Scorpio, and Mercury entering that sign on Monday, we are inspired to transform an area of our lives that has become stagnant and murky. We are beginning to see into the heart of matters more clearly now, and it is changing how we think about our choices.

The Moon's balsamic phase begins on Wednesday at 8:26am PDT (3:26pm GMT). This final phase of the lunar cycle is a time of transition, when our physical energy is lower but our intuitive senses are heightened. According to Luna, we should spend these last three or four days of her cycle at rest, letting go of the issues we have been working with since the cycle began on September 30. This recovery time enables us to replenish our energy stores, so that we are ready for the new beginnings represented by Sunday's New Moon.

BUT THE OTHER PLANETS don't seem to be heeding the Moon's advice to slow down and go within. The Sun-Mercury alignment in Scorpio on Thursday brings additional revelations to the surface that trigger an emotional and somewhat primal response. Because both planets are in hard aspect to Chiron, the information that comes to light may cause us -- yet again -- to question who we trust and what we think.

Whatever we learn then becomes the launch pad for the Mars-Uranus square on Friday, which could prove to be memorable. The stored-up tension from the last two weeks needs an outlet, and whenever Uranus is involved, events tend to be unexpected and unpredictable. People are restless, easily irritated, and impulsive. We are driven by strong urges, and some may take action without fully considering the consequences.

A REALITY CHECK is on the agenda for the weekend. Venus and Saturn have their annual rendezvous on Saturday, and together they ask us what we want to create going forward. This is, in some ways, a "reset" button, where we have the opportunity to leave the past year behind and start anew, especially with respect to issues ruled by Venus -- relationships, love, collaborative partnerships, personal values and financial resources, and the creative arts.

Saturn's involvement always adds a serious tone to whatever we are considering. With this alignment occurring in Sagittarius, some of the personal values we are called to examine are our attitudes and beliefs. This is the time to ask ourselves if our world view is in accord with our ethics, and if our treatment of others -- especially those we think of as "foreigners" -- reflects our higher principles.

Although this Venus-Saturn alignment may not be life-changing, we can benefit greatly by consciously using its influence. It supports us in aligning with a higher aspect of ourselves so that we move beyond self-righteousness, intolerance, dogmatism, and fanaticism.

NEXT SUNDAY is a busy day astrologically. The tension has not subsided from earlier in the week, and is in fact reinforced by a hard aspect between defiant Mars and Eris, the dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord.

However, there is some softening occurring, thanks to a harmonious trine aspect between Mercury and Neptune. This energy is subtle but strong, similar to Mahatma Ghandi standing for peace and nonviolence in the face of great opposition. If we allow these two planet to work with us, they can ease the rhetoric and help us start to listen to each other with greater compassion.

WHEN THE NEW MOON occurs at 10:38am PDT (5:38pm GMT) on Sunday, the Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury and trine Neptune, infusing the new lunar cycle with the possibilities of growth through understanding, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

Neptune's involvement in the lunation also means that this new lunar cycle supports the unfolding of our intuitive capacity and our level of faith in the unseen realms. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon echoes these themes:

"A calm lake bathed in moonlight: A quiet openness to higher inspiration."

Here is astrologer Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of this symbol, slightly abridged from his book An Astrological Mandala:

"One could stress the romantic suggestions such an image evokes, but even at the level of a love relationship, what is implied is a surrender of two personal egos to the inspiration of transcendent feelings which are essentially impersonal. Love expresses itself through the lovers, for real Love is a cosmic undifferentiated principle or power which simply focuses itself within the 'souls' of human beings who reflect its light. The same is true of the mystic's love for God. We strive hard to achieve great things through daring adventures, but a moment comes when all that really matters is to present a calm mind upon which a supernal light may be reflected."

Imagining a calm lake in moonlight brings serenity even in its visualization. We can benefit from carrying this image throughout the coming week, to support us in maintaining inner peace on the days when conflict and diatribe seem excessive. We can then set our intention for Sunday's New Moon to reinforce the energy field we have created with our visioning.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your intellectual needs are strongly involved in your life this coming year. You may be reading and learning, or writing and teaching, but whatever subject areas you pursue, they will become very important and perhaps life-changing as the year progresses. You will also find your needs for independent action to be heightened, leading you on surprising new adventures.

In peace,

How to subscribe to the NorthPoint Journal: If you have been forwarded this issue of the NorthPoint Journal and would like to receive it by email every week, please fill out the subscription form on the "Journal" page of Pam's website.

Here are your Angel Messages for October 24 - 30, 2016 with Doreen Virtue:

Your emotional and psychic sensitivity continue to increase this week. You will receive accurate messages through your dreams, intuition, and signs.

You'll get in touch with your spiritual power to create and manifest. You'll find that you have the courage to make positive changes, especially with the support of your empowering prayers.

You may feel extra-emotional and as you receive intuitive truths and realizations. Prayer will help you to make decisions and bring you support and courage to enact those decisions.

From the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Wed/Thurs: You Created This Situation and You Have the Power to Change It

Fri/Sat/Sun: Prayer Will Help This Situation

Chaos, Creativity and Pandora’s Real Box | Sophia's Children

Chaos, Creativity and Pandora’s Real Box | Sophia's Children

Pandora's Box, 1871, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. PD image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Pandora’s Box, 1871, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. PD image courtesy of Wikimedia.

“If everything is uncertain, then the future is open to human creativity, to possibility and therefore to a better world.” ~ Immanuel Wallerstein

We don’t normally see chaos as an ally, because it seems so, well, chaotic. Uncertain. It feels uncomfortable and thus unfriendly.

It freaks us out when ‘real life’ starts going all Salvador Dali on us and melting and shapeshifting whether we want it to or not (and often, we don’t, even if we sort of do).

Part of the problem is that we’ve been taught that change is bad — that we’re supposed to create things that have ‘staying power’ and just keep on growing and expanding endlessly in the form that we envision.

The 1897 painting of fighting "Laelaps" (now Dryptosaurus) by Charles R. Knight. PD-US, Wikimedia.
The 1897 painting of fighting “Laelaps” (now Dryptosaurus) by Charles R. Knight. PD-US, Wikimedia.
When things start changing, the dear, sweet Lizard brain gets all stirred up and we fall easily into fear (because we think it should stay the same) and we cling to what’s dissolving. Understandable, but not particularly helpful (and I speak from experience!).

Given that everything seems to be shifting around us at the moment, constantly and in a freakishly accelerated way, it seems timely to take a fresh look at chaos, and explore making it our ally.

In various timeless, Indigenous and/or Ancient Wisdom traditions, all is energy, and energy is always moving, transmuting, morphing, and shapeshifting.

Energy becomes one thing, then falls apart or dissolves so that the energy is freed to become something else.
The ancients saw this as Life expressing itself in endless varieties.

Galactic Center, Milky Way. Hubble-NASA, Chandra Xray. PD-US.
Galactic Center, Milky Way. Hubble-NASA, Chandra Xray. PD-US.
For ancients and alchemists, chaos is the very center of creativity — the pure pool of creative potential that ultimately finds expression or takes a particular form. One might say that chaos is the wellspring of manifestation. That definitely makes it an ally!

Instead of panicking because energy has become stagnant and wants to move, which means something is going to fall apart or dissolve, we can look through the appearance to the energy of creation behind it, and know that it’s going to become something new, and often much better if we allow it and work with it rather than struggling against it.

But how do we remember our innate capacity for co-creating with chaos, for opening into a conversation, a dance, with that Source energy of creation … particularly when the Lizard Brain with its ‘negativity bias’ is a part of us, and an ancient, deeply conditioned part of us at that?

There are many paths and many practices, from a variety of traditions, yet the crucial elements are finding the stillness within you, a portal for working with the energy of creation.

I’m not saying that’s easy — for me sometimes it flows gracefully and sometimes, often, it’s deep practice.

And Then There’s Pandora …

So what does all of this have to do with Pandora and her famed ‘box of ills’ (aka chaos)?
Quite a bit.

Pandora, 19th century, by Charles Amable Lenoir. PD-US, Wikimedia.
Pandora, 19th century, by Charles Amable Lenoir. PD-US, Wikimedia.

Pandora, starting with the Greeks, became a feared force that ‘opened the box’ and unleashed all manner of horrors upon poor humans.

Sort of like Lilith, Mary Magdalene, and more than a few other Mothers.

This, as it turns out, was Pandora’s story as rewritten in support of an emerging Patriarchal worldview – change the myths, and you change the culture.

Sort of like Lilith, Mary Magdalene, and more than a few other Mothers. Again. Only fair to repeat it.
Very tedious, but there we are.

We’re in reclamation mode now, though, not weeping endlessly over spilled milk mode (though neither are we denying that milk was, indeed, spilled).

Originally, though, Pandora was another face and name for the Great Many-Named Mother, Sophia, Gaia, Cybele, and many more, who provided all that was needed, and provided it generously and abundantly.

Pandora as Great Mother had her jar — shaped like a womb — from which all abundance grew.

Pandora, 1881, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. PD-US, Wikimedia.
Pandora, 1881, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. PD-US, Wikimedia.
Pandora’s story reminds us that the chaos we fear is actually full with abundant new possibilities, creative inspiration, and ample energies in support of positive change.

Pandora, like chaos, can once again become our ally as creative artists of our own lives — and of a new ways of being, living, and working that serve all.

Sure, it’s deep practice, but so is much that is worthwhile … and the creative process itself stirs out of that same chaotic, unformed energy and spirals into expression in and through and around us.

By delving back into a remembrance of the gifts of what has been called the Sacred Feminine, or reclaimed Feminine, we open the jar of (healthy, grounded, inspired) hope and true abundance.

You’ll find a plentiful and abundant offering of musings on the Reclaimed Feminine in the ‘reader favorite’ Deep Feminine Mysteries page here at Sophia’s Children.

Another favorite on this theme: Uncertainty & the Spirit of Creative Adventure, from The Wake-Up Juice archives.

Big Love and Blessings on the Way,